Sunday, May 11, 2008


We sing with our ears!

Harmony -- the resonance between two or more frequencies, or two or more people.


Mike Cross said...

When you teach singing, Laurie, do you have the clear intention to teach others the principle that the right thing does itself?

If so, how do you go about it?

If not, then what exactly is your intention?

Please clarify for me what your intention is.

Laurie Blundell said...

I do not conciously make an effort to teach anything in the act singing aside from to listen to oneself and to others. If i have the aim for the right thing to do itself i will undoubtebly turn it into a grasping for the right thing. Ofcourse i would like for the right thing to do itself. So somewhere, somehow i get in the way of the right thing being allowed. How to get there? That is a question? Trust in the process i guess, but i have not the foggiest how to do that. Keep making mistakes and hopefully learning that they are the result of my inability to allow, to trust that the right thing can do itself.

Mike Cross said...

Mmmm. If I hope to learn that my mistakes are the result of my inability to allow, that sounds like I might be expecting that, if I became able to allow, I might not make any mistakes.

In that case, I haven't really got off first base, which is giving up the idea of being right, free of mistakes, idealized Buddha, perfect Performer.

Actually, that is how it is, almost all of the time. I am just going round trying (UNconsciously making an effort), on the basis of an illusory hope/ideal, to be right.

Like.. right now!